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2010-06-28, 10:47 PM

From the Right : Tukang Gulong, Tukang Tarik & Tukang Tengok


6:21 PM

I was 45++ kg in this picture.
But now I'm 47kg!
Oh no.
This is not happening man.
I need to go for a jog and need to do it constantly like I used to.
All this is due to the 'just-sit-and-do-work' routine that I am having.
I am so gonna fight for that number 45 back.
I even borrowed books on Eating Disorders.
Just wanna educate myself.
I don't wanna end up looking like a skeleton by the end of the month.
You are not aware with such disorders you see.
So before I go crazy about my weight I better control and educate myself to compose myself and deal with it slowly.
Ok go!
Let's do this.

fat cheeks.


2010-06-27, 12:50 PM

beaching with the girls and love was awesome.
more pictures to come.
see FB.


2010-06-26, 12:57 AM
Red Cheeks♥

Red Cheeks♥

Baby, you look hot in that jacket.
Thanks for the car.
I finally get to drive you around.
Ok maybe just around Tampines and Bedok.
You were bloody patient with me.
I might not be the best driver yet but I do hope that I'm not the worst driver a life.

your Ma'am.

2010-06-24, 3:54 PM

Things had been going well for me these few days.
FYP report is in progress.
More time to do everything that I am suppose to.
Taking things slow and steady.
Shocking news came along to test my ability to accept the fact.
I'm cool.
Need to concentrate more on my studies now cos' I think I did badly for my previous test.
Nevertheless, let's look on the brighter side.
I am progressing back on my studies.
I should do with more effort for the next test.
As for this weekend I am gonna have a whole lot of fun with my girls at the beach.
Gonna be driving there thanks to love who rent the car for me.
I am gonna drive safely, I promise.
Presents and food for the weekend.
Let's go hunting for that shall we.

p.s : can't wait for tomorrow deary.



2010-06-22, 10:54 PM
Red Cheeks♥

Red Cheeks♥

Bape shirt and baggy jeans; every girls in the club would wanna dance with him but he choose me.
Well, that's my love.

2010-06-21, 2:12 PM

The next time Farah will fill up the space in the picture aight.
Awesome trip.
Go again, go again!


2010-06-16, 11:31 AM



2010-06-14, 7:30 PM

All I can give you back in return is my driving license; Happy Belated Birthday Abah.
I know you are proud of me; I'm proud to have a dad like you.
Thank you Abah. 


2010-06-07, 3:45 PM

The man behind the scene who gave me much support and wise words to bring us up without him around.
There's so much to thank for and so many words to say.
Through my actions, I hope you can see my appreciation towards whatever that you've taught me.
Now let's make time for us.
We have a lot of catching up to do.

p.s: Jom fly kite lagi.....

your dearest.


12:44 AM

After 3 years of not giving up,
We finally got the 3rd placing,
for Suara Serumpun 3.
We trained hard for 3 freaking weeks,
With 3 men down we still put up the fighting spirit.
On the day itself we reported at the CC at 3pm,
as we are the 3rd group to perform.
While on our way there, our dearest head gave us 3 pre-comp snacks to cheer us up.
What adds on to the enthusiasm in us is that all 3 instructors were there to support us on stage.
It took our reban-ist 3 weeks to learn the beats.
It took our marakas-ist 3 days to complete the percussion side.
It took some of our awok-awok 3 years to be able to sit at the back row.
It took 3 years for our initial juara to be sitting with the awok-awok.
In our set, we have 3 paragraphs for patani.
It took me 3 secs to absorb that we are in the 3rd placing.
It had been 3 days after our birthday.
And this is truly the best 3rd birthday gift ever.

p.s: all the 3 AISYAHs were there; and the 3 best-friends just stick like glue.

aeisHa`B sayang Endang.

your beloved karot.


2010-06-06, 7:36 AM
Red Cheeks♥

Red Cheeks♥

You gave me a standing ovation;
The best thing ever.

Thank you precious one.