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2011-11-08, 9:57 PM

Somehow somewhere sometimes I just need to express myself in my own way.
I miss doing what I used to do.
Just by doing something small and noticeable is enough for me.
Sometimes I wonder if you ever think about me.
Just a simple message will do but lately................
Sometimes we take things for granted and overlooked on the smallest things that made others smile and feel appreciated.
I just miss you.


2011-11-04, 11:14 PM

And again I bought a new Buffalo Diary and a red polka dot drawer for my desk that's full of my junks that I prolly need along the way. Somehow I felt that things are going wild in my room lately as I want it to be like my personal art room but for some reasons I have to hold back all that as this house belongs to my dad. Anything I do must seek for his permission before I could carry on. I got myself this nice picture of ON AIR & an old camera which looks vintage. I just cant wait to hang my art piece on my white plain wall. I love the way my room is as it looks like a studio with plain backgrounds and you can take picture everywhere in the room and it still looked studio-ish. Can't wait to get more Polaroid films and go on snapping great moments with family and love. I have a lot of imaginations and ideas to have my expression expressed but there's some things that hinders me to do so. People, money, time and mood. I'm planning to have things in my room done bit by bit. When I'm in my room, I felt like as if I'm in my own theater, own drama, own world. If only the walls can speak, they would have 1001 stories to tell.

My world.