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2012-05-06, 8:23 PM

It happened to be Harry Potter Sunday night for me tonight.
And Emma Watson was definitely the one to look forward to.
Her sweetness just caught my eye and motivates me to go simple with my style.
The week when past fast this week as it was a total mayhem at the beginning.
Dearest was down with fever and wasn't doing too good.
I missed him though, very much indeed.
I was super tired this week and just need a big warm hug, that's all.
Nevertheless, we did watched The Avengers on May Day and it was kinda awesome.
I'm not a Marvell fan though, so I watched it out of fun and curiosity.
I must admit Captain America was kinda cute.
Oh well.

I must say I felt kinda lonely yet trying be independent in a way so as to live my life with or without the people I love.
It wasn't easy.
I may be 23 but the way I was brought up was always full of support from my family and when it comes to times that I had to make my own decision without anyone else's guidance or opinion, it felt wired and 'naked'.
I have to always have that constant support from my love ones if not things won't turn out good.
I'm not good in making decisions but when I did, it is either I desperately wants it so bad or I just wanna have due to frustration to let the anger or satisfaction feeling out.
There's a lot of anger in me and a lot of endurance since forever but nobody knows for how long or how much that I've kept deep inside me.
There's a lot of things in life that I wanna do but there's so many barriers and rules involved.
Even with the simplest things.
Sometimes it's frustrating to be facing that for all the things you are doing and eventually you have to follow it even if you don't like it.

I may rebel but I have definitely have no courage to do so but just to content all it in my heart.
I don't see the reason why should I let it out as nobody will understand or even stand side by side with me just to understand what I feel.
Parents are parents.
Respect is the ultimate thing for them.
I just have to handle it myself.

2012-05-03, 10:34 PM

It's mayhem this week.
Been knocking off from work late since these past few days.
It's freaking tiring and my May didn't start off well.
Guess what?
I didn't get to go for Phuket.
How's that?
That sucks.
Tell me about it.