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2010-07-31, 11:57 PM

For God knows why I am just freaking lazy to go to work today.
This is not normal at all.
One possible reason is maybe because it is a SATURDAY and that place is gonna be super crowded with people whom you don't wish to face.
The whole 5 hours facing them and they said something to me and in my heart I was like saying to myself "You shut the hell up, I know how to do my work, don't try to teach me aight....."
Really you know.....
I am super fed up with some people who are trying to teach me how to do my job.
Are you my supervisor or manager by the way.
I only take orders from them and not you.
Fuck lah with "Customer is always right..."
Enough with work.
So, in the morning they hit me back and hell yeah, this is gonna be awesome.
I am just counting down the days and hoping that everything will proceed accordingly and well.
The things is, I have some missing items that I have yet to buy.
What to wear?
Oh gosh.
Let's not get all stressed up about this cause it is suppose to be a fun thing isn't it?
Today I am being very random and do bare with me.
Lately I've found out that I have an avid reader!
Yeay! Thanks for reading hor.
FYI, I took almost the whole afternoon to finish up this post. HAHAHAHAHHA.
So many distractions lah.
Food, FB, the tilam, phone calls. Blablablabla.
See I told ya, I tend to forget or drag one thing when I'm doing the other.
And the chain goes on and on.
Just had a convo with bf : /
Let's just keep it to myself shall we....
Mum had been layan-ing her drama at TV3.my since 8pm, dad had been asleep right after his I'syak and baby bro just dooze of right after his home from he's YOG thingy and his late dinner.
I think I am having the best Saturday ever. HAHAHAHAHAH.
Seriously, today I am being so random.
I am soooo gonna sleep like a pig tonight and wake up late tomorrow.
Its been awhile since I last did that.
So now, what shall I do tomorrow other than rotting in my room?
Mum. please don't get mad at me for being the most laziest daughter just for this Sunday.



2010-07-30, 12:04 AM

Thank you love!
You can't stop me from getting a skate shoe after all.
I'm loving it!
Right after purchasing, I wore the new pair and hold on to my Blue.As in my hands.
We walk towards the bin in Far East and I was freakingly half-heartedly putting the shoes half-way through the bin.
I seriously felt like crying.
I just let go the shoes one by one into the bin and said "Dah jom jom jom....I don't wanna look back."
Bf has his very own pair, same one.
So the conclusion here is that you and me must wear the same pair one fine day aight.
And the moral of the story is, DO NOT WASH YOUR SHOES FOR 3 YEARS OR SO. -_-"
Thank you.

new Half Cab lover.


2010-07-20, 11:59 PM

Wishes after wishes.
Posts after posts.
Thank you to all.
The fun begin.
Love surprised me with a red rose, appearing out of nowhere earlier then we are suppose to.
Thanks to my deary friend, the surprise works.
I almost melt down on my knees to see how hot he was in that top.
I like.
We took the train to our first date location, B&J @ The Cathay.
We ate double cookies (A cookie affair & cookie dough).
Met Jaja & Yat.
Next was Bugis, a romantic Arabian restaurant.
I was speechless as I’ve never been to one before.
The ambiance was priceless.
He had roasted lamb and I had Mousakka.
Caesar salad and calamari for appetizer.
Mix fruit Shisha to complete the dinner.
It was simple yet sweet and priceless moments with you.
Thank you love.
Let’s do this again.
p.s: Next up, your Birthday! I shall do my planning now. 
msB 21. 


2010-07-19, 12:00 AM

It's not like you get to see it everyday
HAPPY 21ST Siti Aisyah Bte Aziz


2010-07-18, 1:14 AM

I shall wait till Monday then.


2010-07-12, 11:11 PM

I wore heels.
Nice ladies top.
Dangling earrings.
Chain like necklace.
Perm hair.
I felt special that day.
But the day doesn't ends well.
I hope its a blessing in disguise.
I'm gonna be a 21 year old lady soon.
So, I have to start to behave like one.



2010-07-10, 2:27 AM

Babe, rock the stage like you should aight.
I'm not there to watch you.


2010-07-08, 12:33 AM


Rarah once told me;
When a girl does a major change to her hair it means that she wants to start a fresh.
I think so.


2010-07-06, 1:24 AM

Its been awhile since I last crying so bad for something important.
I am crashing all my words into my report.
This is a matter of life and death.
Adding to that its been more than a week since I last met bf.
This is just not helping at all.
I admit I am jealous to see friends with their bf around and get to meet regularly while I don't.
I have to understand his situation.
I have to be strong.
Maybe this is just a part of what I have to go through in life.
By the way, when I was about to start writing on my report and continue from where I stopped, I realised that the document that I opened up was not the latest one that I had already updated.
It was the old one.
I felt fucking helpless and broke down.
My hard work for the past few days just gone down the drain.
That is where I just need you even more.
Mum kept asking me whether am I ok or not when she knows something is not right.
I just don't feel like eating anything but to just continue with my words on the report.
Am I exaggerating?
Or maybe this is really what I felt.
Different people have their own ways of handling situations.
Well, this is how I did it.
So for you readers out there who can't stand with my complains and 'depressed' descriptions, you are most welcome to just click the X icon on your top right hand corner as

emotionally unstable.


2010-07-05, 7:34 PM
Red Cheeks♥

Red Cheeks♥

It had been more than a week since we last met.
I really need a warm hug from you.
I miss you.
I hate it when we had a slight misunderstanding and didn't meet up.
It will just bother me day and night till the day we meet.
My eyes hurt real bad.

meet you soon.

2010-07-04, 8:39 PM
Red Cheeks♥

Red Cheeks♥

The song just had to be on air the minute I put my butt down in front of the laptop.


2010-07-01, 12:07 AM

Lu jangan banyak bunyik, biar gua terbangkan untuk lu.