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2014-11-08, 11:55 AM
I'm Mrs now.

Some of you may be stalking my blog right now or always visiting this blog to know about my updates but it is almost a year now since I last touch this blog. Well, I now married to my wonderful husband for about a month or so now. A lot have change in life and things just got better and better.
I actually wanted something else to do other than just 8 to 5 daily office job. I wanted to open up a business career or maybe blogging or start up a Youtube Channel but I don't have the drive to do so mainly because I kept thinking that I am not capable enough to do any of them. Maybe I am it is just that I probably need some start up from friends and love ones on that. I may not sound like an interesting blogger as I blog for my own pleasure and leisure. Now that I have a hubby, I feel that freedom is the thing that I have been experiencing and it is something that I feel good about. Do note that in marriage life you need to give each other space for your spouse to enjoy life and enjoy it with you. So don't be scared of marriage life and think that it is gonna restrict a lot of your personal interest in stuff. The both of you need to negotiate positively and always have each others' back to move on smoothly together in life. I personally think that I should get married earlier than I should right now cos I feel that I get to do a lot more things than I was before. Well that's my take. Ya'll may have a different view on marriage and it will all come down to individual's way of leading it I suppose. That's all for today for a brief update in my life. I may or may not come back tomorrow for any random discussions but I do hope to be active back again on this bloggy.


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