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2012-04-23, 10:15 PM

It was all worth it.
Your visit means a lot to me.
It changes my whole world right now.
I am now able to breath and sleep soundly without having to think about being guilty at all.
Thank you for your time and effort.
Hopefully what we when through and what had been said yesterday was something that would make you think of how is it like to be with me and the family in the future.

And I asked, so do you still love me now?
And he said, nothing has change, not a single bit.

I blessed.

2012-04-22, 2:16 AM

Where were you when I needed you the most?
Where's the attention when I need a hug?
Where's the reply when I need the answer?
Where's the condo when I need someone to talk to?
Why is it so difficult for you?
Am I asking too much?
Am I demanding?
Am I over the top?
Did I ask for diamonds and stars from the sky?
Sometimes I wonder why.
Sometimes I wonder who am I to you deep down in your heart.
Sometimes questions like this can't be answered even with a clear mind.
But it's ok, for every time I'll say...
"Maybe I was thinking too much....."

2012-04-21, 7:06 PM

Is your favorite color blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outer space?
I'm learning you.
Is your skin is tan as mine?
Does your hair flow side ways?
Did someone took a portion of your heart?
And I'm learning you.

Yunalis Zarai

4:50 PM

Every time that moment strikes, all I can say is "How I wish you knew..."
For ever time you appear, all I can say was "How I wish you knew..."
But no matter what, I can't do anything to it.
To just reminisce what's past that'll never come back.
The world is not a time machine.
It'll just keep making history with every breath you take.
You are always there, right there in the golden heart where you belong.
"Would you be my Valentine?" was the first few questions that you asked.
I was too ignorant to ignore.
I was stupid to not to know.
I think its just ignorant being bliss.

4:38 PM

Terukir Di Bintang

~ Hati ini bukan milik ku lagi
Seribu tahun pun akan ku nanti kan kamu
Sayang jangan kau persoal kan siapa di hati ku
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cinta ku pada mu ~

Yunalis Zarai.

2012-04-20, 10:03 PM

I : I wanna go Spain and explore Spain.
Him : When is that? Any soon?
I : No. I'll need time to save up. Not now definitely.
Him : Oh. If that's the case then we'll make it as our dream honeymoon location.
I : What?? Really?? You would go Spain with me?

My heart melting like melting ice-cream.
It will be a dream come true.
Let's do this baby.


2012-04-18, 11:55 PM


2012-04-15, 9:57 PM

At last, wireless problem resolved.
All thanks you my dearest Uncle & Aunt that are always there for us when it come to computers and internet problems.
How can I ever pay them for their kindness.
As of now I am with my Mac Baby doing some financial planning for my next pay as I think I have over shoot spending on too much stuff.
I felt super guilty right now. Damn.
Well at least I did splurge it on my family and love ones, not that bad after all.
Had been talking about my future about my dad and boyfriend.
It gets emotional when it comes to this but sooner or later I definitely have to face.
Just the matter of time.
But there are still a lot more things to do in life.
I wanna go Abu Dhabi, Spain, Phuket and buy mum Kitchen Aid cake mixer.
I wanna run as much marathon as possible together with a new running partner, Ana Bay.
I wanna save till $xxxxx by the end of the year.
I wanna manage my money wisely.
They are both wants and needs.
I need to achieve something in life that I will be satisfied before I settle down.
Settling down will be another issue.
As of now, let me enjoy my single hood till the day come.

p.s: Single but not available.



2012-04-08, 11:29 PM

Got my DOC's & I love it!


11:08 PM

Did I tell you that we met last month?
Hell yeah we did & it was AWE-SOOOOOOOOOMMMEEEE!!!
Through her songs & voice I can sense sincerity & always down to earth.
I love you Yunalis.
I'll pray for you to have an awesome future ahead & always heads up when situations are down.
Hope to see you again soon!
I miss you already ;)

p.s: Sweetheart bought tickets for our 2nd Anniversary, thank you for your effort & time dear.



2012-04-07, 11:03 PM

Have you ever felt when one of those days in your life when someone you hate the most, don't even bother lookin' at the most is the person that is actually matters most in your life?
The least expected person is actually now a part of my life.
He my look arrogant, don't bother, poker face all the time but when he speaks he'll make you think with your words and would always wanna debate with him with the slightest things in life. He'd ever say to me "Your life doesn't begins and ends with ME...." It might not sound sweet or romantic to some but isn't it true? I mean when you are crazy in love with someone, gosh! even how wrong he/she did to you, you'll be 'okay' with it and not wanting to face the fact that it is actually wrong and get all emotional and sad about it and waste your tears by crying at night when you worth more than what he/she deserves. It made me think and start to develop my own personality to be independent and learn how to endure my emotions when we are away from each other so as to make a clear note to myself that I AM MY OWN BOSS.

I have now gained confidence in standing up for myself no matter if I'm in the wrong or right. At least I did voice out what I felt and my opinion is been told and felt satisfied and learn from it if it is a mistake. I now need not to be scared of my partner cos' if there were to be fear in a relationship then why am I in it at the first place. He's human and I'm human too. Doesn't mean he's a guy he has more power or say than I do. Probably the way we think is different and to that we need to compromise and come to a common understand and agreement with each other. We are a team. We need to have that kind of thinking starting from now on cos' in marriage every single thing is being shared and there should be a barrier in between. The difference NOW, as in this RELATIONSHIP is about the amount of space given. Now, we have to give each other a lot more space than we thought we would need or give. As long as there's no official relation between us, we are still two different individuals who have a life to lead. I can't make him stop me from having my rights and neither do I. As for now we are still with our different views but make each other understand them and understand ourselves deeper before we could step to the next level of this relationship.

I am thankful to Allah for giving me a chance to love and be loved by someone who is sincere and truthful to me and himself. We had rough and fun times together and ongoing still. We can be rivals, best friends, lovers, companion, buddy all at the same time but no matter what we'll still look for each other and stay on together. I might have made a couple of mistakes here and there, being very whinny, always annoys you and wants your attentions ALL THE TIME but you'd never gave up on me no matte what the situation is, not once.

For all I know now is that I love you very much my dear, I really do.



2012-04-06, 12:32 AM

Hard earn money paid off well this month.
Got myself a Macbook Pro like I've always wanted.
A new year resolution, achieved.
All I wanted to do this year is to be my own boss.
How is that possible?
After the long chat with my best friends of 10 years the finally knock some sense into me and I definitely felt the change in me.
I am now doing my own financial to have a stable support for myself now and in the future.
Marriage and career is definitely one of those things that I need building up slowly right now.
As for family, day by day we got closer to each other I had more time with them to compare to back then where I am always running around doing what I like and always home late and tired.
Communication is the key to have a happy family and an understanding one of course.
I thank Allah for the happiness and love from the people around me.

Aeisha (officially an Apple user)