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2009-10-28, 11:53 AM

The glass bottle just slip through my fingers and the ONE DROP perfume just say good bye to brother.
Poor baby brother.
Cry and say sorry to him and promise him to get a new one.
I bet his heart crush into pieces.
For this new term in school I think I have surely buck up a lot in my studies.
Things are way much interesting now.
The other day I learnt about zits occur.
Today, how dogs breed with many deformities.
All the autosomes, recessive and dominant terms are making me dizzy.
I initiate the work and it when smoothly.
We had fun figuring the concepts.
I am doing things smoothly and was able to actually explain to my members.
I even wrote 300 plus of my daily refection.
Pouring out my happiness and satisfaction was really something.
When home with a gigantic smile even with the hectic day I had in school.
Mum cooked spaghetti fusion and it was super pedas and I was practically sweating all over.
Mum wasn't feeling good ever since the day she met the beloved doctor to have the 'zit' cut out.
She will be needing a lot of help for the upcoming weeks.
Chill mum, I'll be there don't worry.
Understanding Tests are coming up and there's a lot to browse through.
Not forgetting the posters that have to be done soon.
I can spend the whole day pouring my heart content.
Tomorrow's a new chapter, just like in novels.



2009-10-27, 3:18 PM

found it!


1:47 PM


10:04 AM

"Syah, you wanna watch Yuna not? For free. NOW! NOW!"
I was at home, Gardening.
Sweating all over, hand with dirt.
I can't even react properly.
I was having mix feelings all over.
I know its either I can get there when Yuna's singing half way of Dan Sebenarnya or not to go at all.
I'm sure daddy won't ever let me for last minute things.
I was both excited and sad.
I have been wanting so bad as I have been bragging about it for a week now.
A friend of mine uploaded the video and I was actually in tears watching it.
How I wish.....
She's having a similar kind of show in KL in December.
Told Mum about it and was kind of planning behind her back with my aunt back in KL.
Hope it happen this time round.

oxox to Yuna


2009-10-21, 2:11 PM


His definitely a kental boy I should say.
It is a story about a love triangle between these 3 lovely teens.
Roslan, the kental boy who is desperately wants to chase the dream girl of many boys in school.
To go for his dream he actually tried any possible ways to win her heart.
There will be a combination of:

This production is actually a combine work from Republic Polytechnic's very own MALAY CULTURAL GROUP.

Do get your tickets as they are selling fast.
Tickets will be $10 per ticket. (Fix sitting, so do grab the best seats for the best view)
Buy 5 get 1 free.
Held at RP, TRCC theater.
7.30 pm.

How to get them?
Farah - 82517246
Lyy - 91800284
of for those who know me just beep me at my cell.


p.s: I'll be Roslan's mum, CIK BEDAH. peas.


12:39 AM

YUNA's coming down this weekend for an event.
MOCCA's 10th Anniversary.
They are selling her CD online for only 12 freaking bucks.
I may sound fanatic but the true fact is, I LOVE YUNA too much.
She delivers great music and deserves to have my appreciation.
I just can't afford that amount within a short period of time.
Oh my.
Tickets at $35, $45.
Purchase online, I sound effingly stupid now.
Feeling helpless again as I would have to go "Dream on girl."



12:23 AM

I sent Yuna some wall-to-wall message on Facebook and she actually replied to me!
Basically she's just answering my indirect question.
"When are you coming to Singapore again? I wanna meet you."
I immediately Google about the event that is gonna held this weekend.
I am super excited for her and as much as possible I would definitely want to go.
Will head to HMV soon to get her CD and have her to sign on it.



2009-10-15, 11:49 AM

After midnight i shall kidnap you from the world
and ill keep you in my room
hush now my love and hold my hand
after midnight i shall take you to a place
where no one else should know of
hush now my love and hold my hand

you are exactly where you're supposed to be
and if they come for you
they would have to find me

keep me awake
keep me amazed
only for today
keep me dazed
my love is yours only

after midnight
i shall stay awake
and if you chose to close your eyes now
hush now my love
i'll watch you sleep

you are exactly where you're supposed to be
and if they come for you
they would have to find me

keep me awake
keep me amazed
only for today
keep me dazed
my love is yours only

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11:19 AM

I'm all new now.
Just to let you know.
I ain't going back there ever again.
Its scary.
I'm dieing as I type.
The world's coming to an end.
That was what I think about everyday.


2009-10-05, 10:10 PM

Lyy come back please.
We are all worried sick about you here with our PPs half done.
Please girl don't leave us holding on to our worries.
Umi doesn't know yet.
I am really pissed with him right now.
Hope I don't have to hate him more in the future times to come.
Come home girl.
Tomorrow's school day.
Put yourself back together and stand up.
His not worth for you to go through all this pain.
Nobody wants anything to happen to you.
Do know that your presence is worth our lives and you are someone we cherish the most.
Come home, I'm begging.



2:40 PM

i wonder if she's fine