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2009-08-31, 7:59 PM

had a quick getaway on Sunday
gave moral support to
Rarah & her 'besi'
Rarah don't sad k, I know its hard to say good bye to your 'besi'......
pretty smile she got there
k now I approve you to

when to the airport
to send away some friends to Bangalore
for some experience there
send my regards to my bros & sis there aight?

brought Rarah & another Aziz's daughter home
for breakfast
Double Cheese burger & shaker fries for them
Nasi & sambal udang for me
chill at the loitering area at the mall
and did some sharing
with bubble tea in hand

head home with happy good byes
and was pretty tired after that

hate it when they treat the fam like that
we are not kids
my parents are not bloody kids
you can put us a side
doesn't really matter to me
we can live without your help
you think my parents are rich bunch of people
hey, let me tell you one thing
my parents don't owe people with large amount of money around
we appreciate others help rather than making an effing fuzz about it
we use what we have
we don't act like as if we can afford
unlike some
I would rather give away my driving lessons
rather than seeing my fam with no food on the table
rather than asking for others sympathy
that's not my way
I seek others for their understanding
not for sympathy

its this Saturday
don't expect much


2009-08-30, 8:43 PM

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!


2009-08-29, 1:43 PM

I could give up chocolate but I'm not a quitter.



2009-08-26, 10:35 PM

still remember
was walking into Nike shop
then the surrounding was filled with
'if you are what you say you are a superstar...'
and there you go
singing along
whenever its on air
images of the moment came back
to say hi


6:51 AM

And above all... Think Chocolate!
'Betty Crocker'


5:19 AM

when can I meet you ladies?
I seriously & desperately need a
from the 2 of you
you said on the 12th
the waiting is killing me
I better come out with something for
Sweet Nad
who's turning 21 soon!

We need to do a lot of
catching ups
as I think things are not
the way they are at the moment
FB was only the way that we keep
each other updated
even with that I don't think its enough
you can't possibly tell everything
all at once ON FB right?

if ever you ladies come across this
do tag me aight!

I had you girls in my dream
isn't that clear enough that I miss you


2009-08-25, 8:35 PM

with a simple sharing session on MSN
i was able to gather a lot of info
and know my ladies better
never thought things we that different
behind the scene
it has been 2 years now since we know each other
the last time all i know was
you ladies were sitting in my row
and side by side

take care ladies.
hugs & kisses.
ms wealthfare


5:09 PM

now that everythings over, I can finally breath & renew everything back into place.

2009-08-14, 12:32 PM


2009-08-10, 10:08 AM

its our second
we all had fun