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2011-05-22, 9:57 PM

Tanjak on, Celak set........
Been looking forward for the first Saturday off day.
I felt so free and enjoying the my Saturday well.
Congratulations! Awok-awok Terbaik paid off their hard work over the week.
Met some of my hot babes there and did some catching ups.
Look at that shagggggg face; HAHAHAHAHA.
Dinner at Adam's Corner ends the day.



2011-05-15, 10:38 PM

To me:
When boys go to NS they turn into a Man;
but when girls graduate they turn into a WOMAN.



9:41 PM

We when through rough times together and helped each other out in many ways. We shed tears along the way facing difficulties of different levels. Love were felt without having to say it out loud to each other. Some of our belongings are the same and we spare some pocket money to make the other smile. I was there for her on her engagement day and now preparing for her big day will be an awesome one. My tears just can't stop rolling down my cheek thinking about how much we shared just to survive our life each day. Hearing each other out was one of favorite thing to do. She's the first ever friend that actually went for a holiday with my family. I learnt a lot from her as I seek advise most of the time. She has such great courage to face life and every obstacle and she deserve every bit of happiness in life. Even if I don't get to meet her as often now, just by looking at her FB profile will keep me updated of her where being and I'm sure she'll be in good hands of her fiancé a.k.a future hubby. I was hoping she could stayed longer that day to take more pictures together and hug her really tight with our robes but too bad she had to leave for something really important. I know the fact that we can go out and do some catching ups along the way but it will definitely not be the same anymore like how we did in school moreover she's gonna get hitch in a few months time and she will have greater responsibility ahead her. She watched me 'grow' and saw every bitter and sweet moments I had along the way. I might have got her hurt with my words along the way and didn't even realize it. I would like to seek apology from you dear one if ever I hurt you with my words or actions throughout the years of knowing you. If ever I did, I swear I never meant it. For a friend like you should be cherish and appreciated. For some reason I won't really put a duo picture as display pictures in my FB profile but if once I start putting duo pictures as my display picture it means that he/she really meant something in my life and deserve to be featured in my profile somehow. I know its 'weird' but that's how I do it.

Dear Nur Liyana Bte Jamaludin,

If you are reading this I would like to dedicate this post specially for you. I just want you to know how much I cherish you as the greatest friend ever and I love you very much. I mean it. I would like to thank you for being there for me all this while to go through every shit together. Those FYPs and lunch times we had in school will always be kept as great memories. If ever I did hurt you in anyway or not be able to be there for you in times that you need me, I would like to extend my most sincere apologies to you. I do hope that we could really stay as how we are now as for as long as we live. Other then my love ones, you are a part of my life and without you I won't be the here graduating together with you. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you've made along the way and I will always pray for your happiness and well-being and may Allah protect you from any dangers and obstacles. Insyallah. Amin. Now & still counting.......

your aeisHa`B.

*gosh I can't stop tearing*


2011-05-02, 7:58 PM

but my Batman is AWESOME <3